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Whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Whether it's PR, Sales Promotion, or Corporate Imaging, at Brain Center we're committed to serving the needs of our clients to strengthen their business, no matter what it takes. With experience creating everything from print media to multi-language websites, we've got the solution that's just right for the job.

Brain Center, originally founded as a publishing company in the 1979, has since then continuously expanded its services in response to clients needs upon entering the information age.

We now work on all major areas of corporate communications, taking a holistic approach by understanding that many areas of corporate branding are often interrelated.

We deal with all existing media in today’s market: from print media to videos, mobile apps and websites, and offer post-production support via features like online search engine optimization. Whether it’s in English, Japanese, Chinese or Portuguese, we create media that delivers your business message, no matter where you are in the world. If you have a goal related to your company’s corporate communications, Brain Center will provide you with a comprehensive one-stop solution.
















Tokyo Office
Osaka Office

Tokyo & Osaka — serving the greater area of Japan.

Unlike most production companies in Japan, our staff of over 100 located in Tokyo & Osaka-based production centers give us production power at Japan's top 2 economic hubs, as well as the ability to handle clients from the major cities of Japan and the experience that offers.

Whatever you're doing, we've done it.

Over our 30 years in business, we've worked with clients in industries ranging from synthetic materials manufacturing to wedding design. The know-how to analyze clients' needs and lead projects to address them — that's what makes Brain Center special.

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Production in progress.

During the production process, a long-term relationship of consultation with the client is established in order to apply the finishing touches to the project. At Brain Center, we know it's hard to get things right on the first try, but with close and responsive communication with business partners and clients, revision has never been so easy.

The production process begins before a key is struck, image drawn, or mouse clicked ? in the minds of the staff. With the client’s needs in mind, production teams propose IR, PR, or CSR projects to reinforce client’s business plans, selecting media that’s the right fit for the job.

As we enter the actual stages of production, project teams with individual knowledge for the case are assembled, and the initial project designs are created.

During this period, draft details are continuously presented to the client through a series of meetings as the project details are refined the time of official release. Support extends beyond the production phase, however, as ongoing support for search-engine optimization, web updates, and social media management mean we’re there for our clients long-term.

Brain Center

production process

propose a project

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SEO, web updates, social media management


a series of meetings


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We reserve (and exercise) the right to disagree with you.

At Brain Center, we know that in the end it's not always what you say, but how you say it that counts. In such cases that we deem our clients to be ineffective at getting their message across to their clients, we'll let you know.

An ineffective product that makes the client happy is still ineffective.

Our years of experience with clients from every field gives us a good picture of what’s effective in the industry. Differences in preference on design choices and translations are the most common points of contention with clients, with decisions not suited to the target audience leaving the final product feeling boring and lack-luster.

We ask that clients understand that our decisions are made based on the experience gained from past clients just like them. Consultation with the client can sometimes seem like a tug-of-war, but in the end we are ultimately concerned with how the product will be received by its target audience above all else.

Interested? Then let us know your plan.

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We have what you've been looking for.

Looking to expand your companies website to appeal to a Japanese audience? Have an idea for a media-based project but unsure how to implement it? Let us help you. With over 30 years of project experience, Brain Center provides the best way to enhance your corporate communications in the market your aiming at. We are always ready and waiting for you to knock on our door.

Brain Center Inc.

Head Office

Brain Center Kaze-no-mangekyo-building, 4-2-13, Tenma, Kitaku Osakashi, Osaka 530-0043 Japan
Phone: (81)6-63553300

Tokyo Office

Kobunkosan-building, 2-4-3, Hitotsubashi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 101-0003 Japan
Phone: (81)3-32308100

Osaka Office

OMM-building, 1-7-31, Ohtemae, Chuoku Osakashi, Osaka 540-6591 Japan
Phone: (81)6-69470310

Map of Tokyo Office

Map of Head Office and Osaka Office